How do I get involved?

We invite you to share your experiences with Miami's vibrant arts community by posting on social media using the hashtag #MiamiArtStrong.

If you are an arts organization or cultural institution in Miami-Dade County that would like to become involved in the project, please email

We also welcome artists, creatives, and those representing the arts in our community to submit content and events to be featured on Instagram @MiamiArtStrong using the following form.

What is Miami Art Strong?

#MiamiArtStrong is an ongoing campaign to strengthen the impact and ensure the longevity of the arts in Miami.

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred a set of unprecedented challenges for Miami’s cultural institutions, forcing all to close and adjust their programming schedules to ensure public safety. While their temporary closure certainly impacted revenue streams and important programming and exhibition adjustments, what our organizations ultimately miss most is the ability to connect directly with local audiences.

Who started the Miami Art Strong campaign?

Miami-Dade County's cultural institutions and arts organizations!